Truth or Dare?

24 September 2013

Which will you choose?


Okay, SO this Truth or Dare Challenge will be the first in Butterfly History! 
The Butterfly Project Team has come up with the most DARING , AND I MEAN THEEEEEE MOSTTTT DARING review project ever!

The Dare is to wax it all off!!! YEAH!! YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! ALL OF IT!! CLEAN!! SMOOTH!!  
Holy Moly , I don't think I'll be able to do that! 
My pain tolarence is like LITERALLY ZERO !
( but i dream of getting a tattoo though! haha)

ANYHOO, Since I won't be taking up the challenge, I just thought that I'd write about it and be like your own personal cheerleader! hehe, That's the best I can do! I'll be right behind you! And I won't peak, don't worry. One of my blogger friend, Edazz said that she wants to take this challenge so I've got her back. Maybe I can help her wax hehe.. joking...
But I guess, to those who love challenges like this, it'll be a thrilling one!
One day , Maybe ONE day, I'll do it! hehe


This Dare will take place on the 20th of October 2013 in an exclusive

 Bubble Gum Party with Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert)

 IF you think you'll be able to handle this , then DARE yourself! Take up this challenge!

Here's How! 
How 2 Join Their Most Daring Project on Rafflecopter?
1. Click on giveaway tab or here
2. Complete the tasks (like brand fb & their fb)
3. Answer their truth (question) & dare challenge
4. Answer which session u prefer
5. Follow their twitter @butterflymsia (if u have twitter)
[Dare Challenge]:
Just facebook ( Y ) you DARE to accept their challenge (don't forget to say your blog address) & tag The Butterfly Project Malaysia.
Here are the event highlights!
  • Event highlights:
  • - getting to know Bubble Gum Wax
  • - Waxing demo
  • - DIY your own bubble gum beauty box!
  • - DARE challenge "WAX IT ALL OFF or get some shapes!"
  • - Bubble gum dessert table with light f&b.
P/s - This event is only for bloggers! If you are , then you're the one The butterfly Project are looking for!

Click on this to find out extra details on how you can ACCEPT THE DARE~


C'mmon, what are you waiting for? Click the links above! :) 

*All information was taken from The Butterfly Project Malaysia Facebook Page


 Don't forget to check out Malaysia Make-up Addicts' Organization, The Butterfly Project Malaysia & Bubble Gum Wax


  1. Hey Claudine! thanks for sharing about our Truth or Dare challenge on your blog! How long you have been blogging btw :) I can't find your achieve on your blog layout!

  2. Hi Tammy, I think it's at the bottom, I have adjusted it, is it visible now? you mean the page views right? currently , there's about 900+ and i've only gone public about a month ago. :) Is it okay?

  3. no Claudine ^_^ i'm referring to your monthly blog post achieve (history). It's where your readers would click on it to read your past posts or reviews you have done for the month(s).