C'est Magique!

29 September 2013

Do you believe in Magic? 

......Well, it depends actually, right

To me , if it actually catches my attention and I am like whut?? Then I'd prolly say it is magic. Hahahahaha...

Okayy...You know that I recently got a new set of babies *Thank You China Glaze*
And you know which is my favourite? Rougish Red of course!

If you missed my post on that, just click here & you'll be re-directed to that post. 

So , if you have wonderful China Glaze babies, then'll you'll definitely need
an even wonderful
nail polish remover... right??
Here's my favourite.


It's Sephora 's Express Nail Polish Remover! 
This Bain Dissolvant Express does the trick within seconds! Believe me it does! 
Take a look at these pictures

 NOW do you believe me when i say

Just to digress a lil, When I came up with the title for the post , I did not realize that it said It's Magic on the bottle but of course it was written in French .. hehe..

Anyways, This Nail polish Remover is my latest favourite. It's only RM39.90 & It actually smells pretty good. Not strong, leaves your fingers smelling sweet. 
I've tried a couple of drugstore nail polish removers but some of it causes my nail to be dry and all white. I don't know why but since I found this, I think It's the perfect match.

Here's five reasons why I LOVE IT
  1. Its dermatologically tested so its safe and gentle for my lil fingernails
  2. It's Magic in a bottle. Dip your finger into the bottle of foam and WALLLAAAA , it's gone.
  3. It does a pretty good job! If i do not have really strong glittery nail polish on, Just one dip into the bottle is all I need
  5.  It's handy for when you're traveling!!!!

Feel Free to drop a comment or feedback, would love to know if it you feel the same bout this :)

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