All you need is RM9!

30 September 2013

What can you get with RM 9? A shoe? A meal? A hand-bag? 
Well,Maybe. during a converse sale I managed to get a shoe from only RM10!! 
Okayy back to the reason for this post. 
I have something that you'll definitely want to try! 



 modbox is only RM9!!

Can you believe that this is my personalized modbox. What do you think?

I was really excited when I received my Modbox. The first thing I noticed after unboxing it was this little note . I thought it was really sweet. The little note was on the products I received and also on the discounts ! Oh yeah!!

“A Lady Knows Herself Best.”

The reason behind this tagline is because Modbox believes that every lady knows herself best so they're giving each lady the power to choose.
Pick the samples you want in your Beauty Box and they'll deliver it within three working days.
SO, The three items that I chose were :

1-Ronasutra – 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder 

This 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation will help you achieve flawless coverage that gives love to your skin at the same time! It is best for All skin types, especially sensitive skin

 The shade that I got was in 04 Honey. It suits me perfectly.
2- Murad – Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator 

 This amazing 2-in-1 is the perfect combination of skincare and makeup. It instantly conceals dark circles & brightens the eye area like a lightweight concealer, while reducing puffiness & increasing skin hydration and firmness like an eye treatment! 
I only received the sample for this but it was worth it.
I tried it on and it is actually very light, you don't feel like that's anything on your face !

3- Rescare – Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray

(Was RM75, Now RM45)

Want to get it of dead skin? Try this. Achieve radiant and baby soft skin with this convenient and easy to use body exfoliating spray. Just spritz, massage gently and wash off! 
This was the highlight of my Modbox. Imagine, I only paid RM9 but i received a full size product worth RM45! I use it twice a week & I hope to see the difference soon! hehe
COOL isn't it!
Want to try getting your personalized modbox?
here's how:
  1.  Create an account with Modbox
  2. Fill up your basic details and answer some easy peasy questions
  3. Click on Get the Box 
  4. Choose your THREE samples
  5. Check out
  6. Pay
  7. WAIT PATIENTLY for three working days :D
So For just RM9 + Delivery, you'll be able to get all these :)
  What are you waiting for?! Click Modbox now!

Let me know what you think okay! 
Have Fun choosing!

All information was taken from Modbox's website :)


  1. So Cool - I love Ronasutra mineral powder. =) It gives me natural finish.

    1. I know right, It's light and you don't feel it on your face. :)