Have you discovered yourself?

20 September 2013

Have you Discovered yourself? Have you Discovered Beauty

If you say YES then I bet you've discovered Vanity Trove
.......but...If you haven't then this is the right place to do so! 
p/s- It's not too late!

Last Saturday, I attended PinknProper 's Bikini Summer Pool Party! where they finally revealed their new line of Bikini Collection! Oh It was supper cute! I now own two bikinis by PinkNProper! Oh yeah!Can't wait for the next pool party!

Check out their new line in my previous blog post:

Alright, So ,back to the topic, Vanity Trove was one of the four sponsors for the party and it was definitely a good combination. 
They had a few special beauty boxes on sale at a special price for the girls and they also had a few boxes to giveaway during the event.

& YES, I was one of the lucky girls to get a Vanity Trove Beauty Box.
I was about to purchase one of those boxes and then I won one! How cool is that!

Here's what my cousin & I WON!!!!

The RIVER ISLAND Tote bag filled with PinkNProper, Vanity Trove and China Glaze goodies

Before you scroll down to see what's in the box, here's how you can subscribe to  
Vanity Trove's CUSTOMIZABLE Beauty Box,

Yes, instead of being surprised with something that might not interest you, you can now actually pick out what you want to try ! There is even a wish list!!  This where you can add items that you've always wanted to try! It'll help you unlock more samples and be able to pick it when they are released! *wuhooo!*

Just follow these steps :

You are required to fill up your beauty profile by answering a few simple questions

 Once you're done, The fun part begins!! You can start picking the samples that you wanna try!!

Yes, & once you're done with that, check out & make the payment , sit back n relax .Cuz within a week , your trove will be at your doorstep!

YAY!! Now that we've gone through that,

Here's whats in my Beauty Box!
Inside the Vanity Trove Beauty Box

A Closer Look into the Box
p/s- Can you guess who the celebrity on the cover of the brochure?

Glamtox kit is a mini makeover in a box with 5 of fabulous skincare products in a handy travel-size kit!
Get set for a smooth, soft and younger looking skin on-the-go with these perfect pampering products.

Rodial 5 Minute Facial

This 5 minute facial is a lifting and decongesting mask which targets age spots and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Rodial GlamBalm *Lip* 2.5 ml

This Glam Balm Lip is a rose flavoured treatment to plump, repair and fill the lip area.

A skin brightening balm cleanser for the face to reduce the
appearance of age spots & hyperpigmentation.

Rodial Glamtox *Day* SPF15 15ml

Infused with an SPF15 moisturiser and micro-injected hyaluronic acid,
 glamtox day combines hydration with wrinkle plumping agents.

Rodial Glamtox *Night*

Glamtox night reduces pore size, smooths skin and plumps fine lines and wrinkles overnight!

I'm definitely taking this with me on a vacation! I'm already started using the Lip Balm, N it feels good. ohhh...Reminds me of my Anna Sui Rouge Ring, cuz it has rose tea in it!

Don't forget to click the links below to find out more!
  •  http://www.vanitytrove.com/my
  • https://www.facebook.com/VanityTroveMalaysia
  • https://www.facebook.com/rodialmalaysia
  • http://www.rodial.co.uk/
 p.s- All information on the products were taken from Rodial website & info on Vanity Trove's beauty box was taken from Vanity Trove website

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