Bag of Love

30 October 2013's all that and so much more...

Before I begin
 I wanna say THANK YOU for choosing me to review the Halloween Bag of Love  Lice!
You bet that I am the happiest caterpillar around!

I wanna also say THANK YOU to Mama Butterfly Tammy for creating The Butterfly Project! You bring us bloggers together, be it baby caterpillar bloggers or butterfly bloggers.
I think I say this for all of us, your efforts are appreciated !
So please continue what you're doing and continue to inspire all of us!

Also, A BIG THANK YOU to Mimi, Mama of Bag of Love. From what I've seen, heard and read about you, You're definitely a very humble entrepreneur and you show us that dreams can come true if we continue and don't give up.

To be honest, this is my first Bag of Love. I've always tried different beauty boxes, until I heard about it from my friend and oh-so-cute blogger Edazz. Thanks Babe! But I never really tried one!
So this a pretty exciting!

Alright, Here goes..

I received my parcel in the afternoon , but of course I was at work. When my mum picked me up she brought it with her! I was so excited when I saw the parcel in the front seat !


When I got home I sat and opened it! My fingers were itching in the car.I did not know if I should take pictures first or open it first! LOL * excited caterpillar * !


TADDAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Here it is!!


The lil Bag of Love Lice came with a lil spooky-note which one side was the introduction and the other was the list of products!

Here's what was in the Bag of Love Lice!

The first thing I noticed was this > JoJoBa Spa discount voucher worth RM100! This entitles me to a discount for a Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment! Coolios!

 ...Now on to the products!
  • SP Shampoo (250ml,RM72)
  • SP Mask (200ml,RM109)
This pair of hair products by Wella is really good for travelling, It's small and easy to pack. I think It'll last you for at least two to three washes depending on how long or thick your hair is. The shampoo helps control unruly hair and the mask protects your hair leaving it smooth and soft! I'll be going back to my Mak angkat's house for a couple of days next month so I'll be able to take this with me! Yay me !

    • Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti-cellulite Concentrate (200ml, RM185)
    This Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti-cellulite concentrate helps tone the areas affected by cellulite. I've never tried this before, but with this, I'll have a reason to try it! :)
      • Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF 50/PA+++, Full-Sized, RM 49.90
      As seen on the box, and in the picture below, when u squeeze a lil on your hand, it comes off as milky white but when you apply it, it evolves with your skin tone and looks natural! I tried it and the coverage is really good! Better than one of the sample cc cream I've tested!

      • Definite Smudger Brush , Full-Sized, RM69
      I also received a Definite Smudger brush! Another brush to add to my collection! You can never have too many make-up brushes now can you?!

        • Splassh Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish, Full-Sized , RM3.90
        Last but not least is this little Splassh Glow in the dark Nail Polish! I have not tried it but if it works I'll definitely use it for tomorrow's Halloween Party!

        That's it! Cool right! My first and definitely not my last! I actually love this concept better than the usual beauty boxes cuz I can re-use the bag! It's so cute what you'll definitely find something to put it in and carry along with you! Before The Butterfly Project Team announced the lucky caterpillars, I saw pics of some of my friends with their Bag of Love. And I told myself, How could I have missed it all this while. When the November bag is out, I will subscribe for three months! Another reason why I love it is because everything is just the right size, the sample sizes are not too small. And, there were no sachets of samples in the bag!

        Thank you again Mama Butterfly and Mama Of Bag of Love! *bigbearhug*

        Don't forget to check out 

        Bag of Love 's official website at
        and their Facebook Page, Bag of Love

        Remember! For a monthly subscription fee of just RM39.90, you get so much more than just a Bag of Love, you get to be part of a charity drive as RM1 from each bag sold will go to the Bag of Love fund. At the end of every month, Bag of Love will decide where to donate the fund to together with us! 

        Everyone is talking about it!
        You don't want to be left out now do you? So What are you waiting for! Check it out!

        Also, be a part of the Butterfly Project Community!
        Like their Facebook page,Butterfly Project Malaysia and join their membership!
        Check out their website here!


        Til' we meet next time !



        1. everyone is happy with their Bag of Lice, hehe! I purchased one and now I'm thinking of making a quarterly subscription since banking-in each month can be quite challenging for me.

          1. Me too babe! But Mimi said that the Nov subscription is not open yet. I'll wait for that too then I'll subscribe for three months also! Then we can share what we love about it! xoxo ! Oh that day I saw you in Hall 2 ! You came in bit late kan!

        2. Baby!! Ur absolutely not Caterpillar no more.. Ur the bloom Butterfly.. Love ur review.. Muahhhh!!!

          1. Heheh *blushing* Soon I'll flutter like butterfly! <3<3 Love u babe!

        3. this is great! i receive my bag of 'Lice" too yesterday! can't wait to review about it (( :

          1. Really ?? coolio!!! What is ur fav product this time babe?