Discount Heaven!

22 October 2013

Body Shop-Up to 70% off!

If you didn't already know, Body Shop is having a major sale! It's until the 7th of November I think, But it's while stocks last! So, i suggest that you all check it out now ASAP! Their sale is up to 70% off and it is awesome! It'll be super pack though! Trust me when I say it! When I walked in, there was no turning back ! The outlet that I went to was in Sunway Pyramid! After shopping in Sephora, and on the way to Mary Chia for a beauty talk, I couldn't help myself but enter Body Shop !
I only managed to grab what was at the entrance. LOL because it was the easiest to pick out. 
This is what I bought!Yes , it is only body stuff this time, but I told myself, next round (prolly one of these days during the week) I'll go back and buy their cosmetic products. It suits me and I Love it!

Okayy, that was the break down of what i bought. I accidently threw the receipt away so I won't be able to tell you exactly how much each of it cost. But I paid a total of RM51.20 for these babies and most of it was 50% &70% off. So,yeah. 

Did you buy anything? Please leave your link so that I can see what you bought!

OH! OH ! BUT If you don't wanna go through the hassle of crowding their pyhsical store, you can just go online and buy whatever you want! YES! The sale is online too!!!!!  Looks like I'll buy them online! Weeee!!!

Til' my next entry! See you then! 



  1. Thanks for the info! Would head to one tomorrow :D

  2. Hey Jesse! that's good to know! Share with me pics when you've bought it ya!