18 October 2013

A feather of hope.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. This is my first D.I.Y project #1 

Can you guess what this is just by looking at it?

I had a *light bulb* moment a couple of days ago when
I was going through my feather earrings looking for something to match my dress.
And , yes, you would have guessed it right,
I couldn't find both sides .
Or when I found one of it , it looked like I just plucked it off a bird.
Sad right.  Lol.
So, I came up with this. 
It's a pretty simple idea and it helps keep my earrings especially the feathered ones all in one piece. 
And, you know what's more important? You can find all the things you need without leaving your house! 

Okay, let's start. Here's what you need:

All items can be found at home so worry not, cuz you won't need to spend so much on buying an accessory holder. I found a silver tape at home , grabbed a hanger and a sticky started off this project.  You can use any kinda hanger or tape. If you have ribbons it'll be good too. Anything that would help cover the hanger. Unless you already have a pretty hanger than just move on to step 4.

Weeee...Let's begin! 
Step 1. Cut a short strip of tape and start at the end of the hanger. The reason why I did not just cut a long strip is because it'll make it harder to wrap the hanger.

 Step 2. Use the tape to cover and go over the first section of the hanger till you've fully covered it.
         Just like the pictures below.

Continue until you reach the end of the hanger. I decided to cover the whole hanger instead of leaving a gap each time I wrapped it. Well you can do it if you want to. It all depends on your creativity. So go wild!!

Noticed that the top of the hanger? I left a gap in between each time i wrapped it.  
*reminds me of a candy cane* hehe. That was what I meant. You can wrap it however way you like :D

Step 4. Now that you've covered the hanger, Get the sticky note, write down a favourite quote so  
        that every time you pick out a pair of your oh-so-pretty earrings, you'll be motivated by that lil note! 
This is my favorite one!

Step 5. You're all set to hang your feathered earrings! So, Hang 'em up baby!! :):) 
What do you think  of mine? *
I'm sure you noticed that I did not cover the head of the hanger right? 
I actually did after I took pictures of it. I just could wait to show it to you !


That's it! We're all done with this project! With just a few items, you can re-create something new!
I hope you'll give it a go & if you do, please share it with me! 
I would love to see it! 
I'll be back soon with more D.I.Y Projects ! 
Till then, See you in my next post !
Come back soon! 


p/s- please leave a comment/ give your feedback/ or even a dilemma you have with your accessories etc.,  who knows maybe I'll be able to whip another D.I.Y project to help you!

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