Hed Kandi x PinkNProper

14 October 2013

Hed Kandi x PinkNProper

Sorry this post came in a little late.... but here goes...

On the 28th of September, Hed Kandi organized a Summer Heat Pool Party featuring DJ Carl Hanagon. Hed Kandi brings its unique blend of feel good house music to “Mai Bar” in conjunction with its closing Ibiza season. The party was held at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral from 5pm till 2am. Hed Kandi and Pink n Proper had collaborated for the event.

 A bunch of pretty bloggers and I were invited to be a part of this event and to listen to DJ Carl spin some awesome music. I was allowed to bring a guest, so I brought my one and only Rosie boo! <3<3

The event started off with the arrival of guests and us, bloggers. We had to register at the lobby . We got our door gift and complementary drinks. You know what's better that that? We were escorted by an angel right up to MaiBar! She was a pretty angel for sure! 

When we reached MaiBar, there was a really cool photo booth by Dragonsoft that linked us straight to Facebook . We got carried away with the shots and finally chose the best one! 
Look Look! Like celebrities , don't you think so?

So, I wore this to the event, then changed into my bikini when I got there. LOL. *Shy*
What do you think of my Monokini by Pink n Proper? Cute? Well, read my previous post *here* to see how many I have :P  *p/s-They've got a promotion going on so be sure to check em out!

 Anyways, look at this pictures and be jealous that you weren't there! It was awesome!

 Here's pictures of us bloggers and out very own Pink n Proper bikini! 

Throughout the night , the girls and I had a good time. We were dancing among ourselves, mingling , talking pics of the place, selfies, group pics and even pictures with the ONLY MERMAID AROUND! That was just so cool! Of cuz, in my head , i wanted to to pull her tail off cuz I wanted to be a mermaid too! LOL. Thank God I didn't !

 Later in the night, all the invited bloggers finally agreed that we'd go in the pool for a splash. I think it took a us a good half an hour to finally convince ourselves that the mermaid needed us. LOL. not really but yeah. WE finally made it into the pool. And in the pool we took more pics of ourselves! LOL! How vain! But hey, we are girls, and we are bloggers. We live to take pictures!

I also got my hands on a #sharemycokelah coca-cola can! Thanks to these two cool abgs! Muaxx

 Anyways, the party continued till about 2 am , we sipped on our wine and drinks. I had to leave around 12 as I had to pick my car from the mall but I had so much fun while I was there. I will definitely go for another event like this. We could chill, hang out with friends, listen to good music, good view, and take a dip in the pool.It is definitely one way of spending Saturday night with awesome people!

Til' Next Time ! 



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