Halls of Horror

14 October 2013

 Did Halloween come early?

Last Friday , five bloggers from the Butterfly Project were given the chance to be a part of the Halls of Horror Halloween Movie Marathon. And , I was one of the lucky five. The minute I saw my name, I knew I was in it for a whole lot of spook! We joined other winners from radio stations and invited guests. People came with all kinds of costumes, I saw Harry Porter, Dark Vader, Cleopatra, angels and a lot more!

The Halls of Horror Halloween Movie Marathon was held at TGV One Utama. The two movies played were Insidious 1 and Insidious 2! I had the longest three hours of my life. LOL. Yes, I am not the bravest one around. Registration begun at 8 pm and then we were ushered to the Chillax Room where we took photos at the photo booth, Food was served and they also had lucky draw to keep us entertained while we mingled with other ' characters ' of the night! We were allowed to bring a date, and I brought my lil brother. I needed someone who's brave enough to sit beside me and of cuz bear with me screaming at every little thing.

 Becuz I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume, 
I had gone to Daiso to grab a few items that I could work it. 
Here's what I got. I paid RM 5 for each, so in total , it only cost me RM20.

As for my make up, 
I played around with some colours from my Urban Decay Vice Palette.
 I used colours that I don't normally use on a daily basis, and , hey, it turned out pretty good! :P 
The colours I used were Penny Lane, Unhinged, Black Market and Junkie. 
Oh and a lil of Occupy to add some sparkle :D  
A girl needs to have her sparkle even if she's dressed like a witch right! LOL

And this was the result! My lil brother was supposed to use the mask I bought but in the end, he wore this hat at the photo booth! Oh well, the photo was awesome though! (Although I think he could have done a better job tryna look scary!)

Anyways, at 10pm we were told to make our way to Hall 1 as Insidious 1 was about to start. As we walked out of the Chillax Zone, I noticed a bride in black. & holy crap , she was scary. She looked a lot like the bride from Insidious. I ran when I saw her & she chased me. Oh gosh, that was the scariest thing i've ever seen. Although I know that behind the make-up and the costume it is just a girl, I still wasn't able to digest that. I still freak out when I see things like this face to face. ANDDDDD to add to that, she was walking around during the movie and sat next to a few people. Thank God she didn't sit near me! 
I would have cried! LOL

Insidious 2 started about 10 minutes after Insidious 1 ended. And it was good. I guess it is was as good as The Conjuring. Both equally scary. 

All in all, it was definitely a spooky night! I got startled a few times because ghosts came out when you least expected it; a lot of people, so I didn't feel that bad. haha. My little brother enjoyed himself. and I did too! I will not do this again (maybe if I was with more people I knew it wouldn't be so bad), but yeah, there's always a first ! 

Oh I also met Tammy and Illy, and her lil brother. We didn't get to chat much though. Hopefully at a different event!

Here's more pics!

Thank you Butterfly Project for picking me and for giving me the chance to be a part of this Halloween movie Marathon! 

Can't wait for Halloween! 



  1. LOL that was scary!

    But I admit, I'm a fan of horror movies! Esp. Insidious!

    1. LOL Vera, I'm NOT cuz I'm the biggest baby when it comes to horror movies / anything that makes my hair stand!